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Department of Anatomy

The subject of Anatomy is of the foundation of the knowledge of medical science. Anatomy is taught in Ist year of MBBS course over a span of 2 semesters. Knowledge of the human anatomy plays a crucial role in the pursuit of a medical education. The teaching is aimed at equipping students with knowledge for their clinical studies, thereby helping them to become competent and confident enough in their future professional endeavor. The department currently has 10 qualified, dedicated teaching staff members and 9 efficient and compassionate non-teaching staff. Besides teaching, faculty is involved in various basic science researches.


Dissection Hall:
The gross structure of the human body is taught through lectures, cadaver dissections, study of bones, prosected specimens, tutorials, quizzes, radiographs, charts and models. We maintain a small student-teacher ratio of 15:1 and ensure that all students receive personal attention.

Histology Lab:
Histology or microscopic anatomy is taught by lectures and practicals. The Histology Laboratory is well equipped with individual microscopes and a set of slides for each student. Colored, labeled photomicrographs are provided to aid the students in interpreting the more difficult slides. Here also we maintain the small student-teacher ratio.

There are around 383 books and 2 journals in the Department Library to enable us to keep updated with changes in the subject.

The museum displays cross sectional specimens, radiographs, skeletons of human and other vertebrates, radiographs and developmental anatomy models. The museum collection is laid out in sections regional anatomy. Head and Neck, Thorax, Upper and Lower Limbs, Abdomen, Nervous system & Embryology Section. Ours is one of the best museums in Maharashtra.

Other Facilities:
We have more than 170 charts, 402 radiographs, 507 museum specimens and 200 models to help with the teaching.

Departmental Activity 2015-16 :

Student Activity 03/09/2015 Communication skills

Student Activity-I 17/10/2015 Bioethics sensitization

Student Seminar 03/12/2015 Joints (movements) - Upper and Lower limbs

Bio-ethics Activity 05/03/2016 Organ Donation e-Poster presentation

Bio-ethics Activity 12/03/2016 Film Show- Anumati

Student Activity 16/04/2016 Abdomen & Pelvis Quiz

Integrated Seminar 25/04/2016 Renal System

Anatomy Museum (left) Small Group Teaching (right)

Histology Lab (left) & Dissection (right)

Currently research is being done in gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy radiological anatomy. The work is supported by internal grants.

Ongoing research projects 2015-2017

  • 1) Correlation of splenic dimensions with increasing age : An USG study - Dr. S. B. Vedpathak, Dr. S. M. Belsare and et-al
  • 2) Effect of Socio-economic factors on teaching learning process in I year Newly admitted MBBS students - Dr. S. B. Vedpathak, Dr. D. S. Jadhav, Dr. S. M. Belsare
  • 3) Variations of Median nerve in cadavers : Dr. S. A. Khake, Dr. D. K. Tom, Dr.S. M. Belsare
  • 4) Preparation of dry bones from dissection hall cadavers (formalinized) Dr.S. M. Belsare, Dr. S. A. Khake
  • 5) Cephalo faciometric measurements and its correlation to the BMI for adult Rural Population of Talegaon Maval region- Miss Joshi Aditi Shridhar and Dr. S. M. Belsare
  • 6) Foetal dissection to study prevalence of developmental anomalies in Maval region- Dr. Sonali Khake, Dr. Vivek Nirmale and Dr. S. M. Belsare
  • 7) Study of anatomical variation in extensor compartment forarm muscles- Dr. Sonali Khake, Dr. Vivek Nirmale and Dr. S. M. Belsare
  • 8) Study of histogenesis of human foetal organs eg.- liver, spleen, thymus & lung : Dr. Sonali Khake, Dr. Vivek Nirmale, Dr. Shashank Vedpathak Dr. Dhanaji Jadhav and Dr. S.M. Belsare

    Ongoing Completed and published research projects 2015-2017

  • 1) Methods to learn human anatomy; perceptions of medical students paraclinical phases regarding cadavers dissection and other learning methods Int. J.of Research in medical sciences: 2016 July; 4(7) July 2016 Dr M M Mutalik Dr. S. M. Belsare
  • 2) Review of body snatching to body donation Int J of Pharm Bio science 2015 6 (3), 13 428-39 July 2015 Dr M M Mutalik.


    Distinctions in Anatomy :

    Other Activities
    1. Body donation awareness programmes

    Future plans:
    Integrating the knowledge of Anatomy with other pre-clinical and clinical subjects. Applying the knowledge of Anatomy with the newer investigation techniques. To have interactive workshops with other medical colleges. Updating the curriculum and examination pattern in the interest of students.