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Department of Biochemistry

The main objectives of teaching biochemistry to undergraduate and postgraduate students is to achieve complete understanding of the scientific basis of the life processes at the molecular level and to orient them towards the application of the knowledge acquired in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases.

MISSION - "Health for all"


  • Spacious department accommodating teaching, non teaching staff and post graduate students.
  • Well equipped and well illuminated undergraduate and postgraduate laboratories.

Undergraduate laboratory for 1st MBBS

  • Accommodating 90 students per batch with adequate illumination and other standard facilities.

Post graduate and Research laboratory

  • A well designed set up catering to quality research with sophisticated equipments.

Service Laboratory

  • Central Clinical Laboratory provides biochemical investigations, routine as well as special. Emergency investigations are carried out round the clock.

  • Specialised laboratories.


Departmental Library
A well organized departmental library having a generous collection of 163 books which includes standard and reference books.

MBBS, M.D. Biochemistry, PG DMLT, Ph.D. (Medical) Biochemistry

Training is imparted to the students term wise in the form of didactic lectures, practicals, seminars, group discussions for under graduates. In addition, post graduate training also includes microteaching, Journal club and special topics, seminars.

Basic areas of research are antioxidants and free radicals, Molecular diagnostics, Clinical enzymology etc. Miscellaneous areas include, serum electrolytes and lipoproteins A well designed set up for quality research having sophisticated equipments-

  • New equipments purchased in year 2016 are Deep Freezer (-20oC), ELISA readers & electrolyte analyzer.
  • Spectrophotometer - uv/vis
  • Set up for molecular diagnostics like HbS
  • Ion selective detector
  • Elisa plate reader
  • Electrophoresis apparatus-horizontal and vertical
  • Blood gas analyzer
  • Autoanalyzer
  • Semiautoanalyzers
  • Thin layer Chromatography apparatus




Research Projects Completed

  • Lipid profile and serum uric acid in Pre eclampsia.
  • Serum electrolyte status in diabetes mellitus.
  • Serum hsCRP levels in Psoriasis.
  • Prevalence of hyperthomocysteinemia and elevated lipoprotein (a) as recent cardiovascular risk factors in pre-menopausal and menopausal women.
  • Biochemical alterations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and identification of markers of pulmonary function.

Special Achievements :

  • 1. ICMR-STS 2016 - 2017 - Sanctioned project , Topic - Thyroid Status in Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Guide - Mrs. N.Y. Chaudhari, Student - Namrata Deshpande
  • 2. Dr. S. A. Pratinidhi - Got 1st position in Oral Presentation at LEADCON - 2018,4th International Conference on Lead & Heavy Metal Toxicity at North Bengal Medical College & Hospital , Siliguri, dated 4th & 5th Oct. 2018.

Ongoing Projects-

  • 1. Iron status in diabetes mellitus. - Shubham Gandhi, Dr. A.N. Sontakke.
  • 2. Serum hsCRP & Lipid Profile in obesity - Roshni Hemwani, Ms. Sangeeta Trimbake.
  • 3. Serum ferritin levels in psoriasis - Kevin Rambhia, Dr A. N. Sontakke.
  • 4. Electrolytes in Whole blood and Serum : A comparison. Abhishek Chindarkar, Dr. S. A. Pratinidhi.
  • 5. Vitamin E supplementation and risk of Coronary Artery Disease in women. Dr. A.N. Sontakke, Dr. V. V. Dhat.
  • 6. Markers of oxidative stress, inflammation and Mineral status in Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Dr.A.N. Sontakke, Nutan chaudhari.
  • 7. The study of oxidative stress and antioxidant status in Leprosy. Dr.A.N. Sontakke Trimbake S B.
  • 8. Metabolic alterations in Preeclampsia. Dr.A.N. Sontakke , Anjum Sayyed .
  • 9. Status of glycated Hb in patients of type II diabetes with iron deficiency anemia & without iron deficiency anemia. Dr. A. N. Sontakke.Dr. Aparna Lonikar.
  • 10. Molecular evaluation of effects of herbal extracts on gastrointestinal cancer cell lines. Dr. A.N. Sontakke, Rohit Suresh.
  • 11. Study of Blood Lead levels in antenatal women and fetal outcome- Dr Sushma Sharma and Dr S A Pratinidhi . Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Department of Biochemistry.
  • 12. Vitamin D and respiratory tract infection. Dr Sandhya Haribhakta and Dr S A Pratinidhi. Department of Paediatrics and Department of Biochemistry.
  • 13. Screening of newborns for congenital hypothyroidism by TSH ( Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ) estimation- A hospital based study. Dr Poyekar,Dr S A Pratinidhi. Department of Paediatrics and Department of Biochemistry.
  • 14. Screening for diabetes mellitus in students of MIMER medical college. Roshni Hemwani, Kevin Rambhia, Aruna Muthumanickam., Dr A N Sontakke,Dr S A Pratinidhi.

Achievements by the faculty - Dr. Alka Sontakke

  • Best Teacher Award - 5th August 2015.
  • Effect of oral contraceptives on serum ceruloplasmin levels .Adjudged as best paper in the Annual Conference of Research Society of B.J. Medical College, Pune.(1981)
  • "A duality in the roles of reactive oxygen species with respect to bone metabolism". Dr. C. Sitadevi award for young Scientists, ACBI, held in AFMC; December (1998)
  • Selected as one of the Biographees for 19th Edition Who’s who in the World 2002 (for individual achievements) by Marquis publication, US.
  • Reviewer for international Journal viz Tohoku journal of experimental Medicine, APPI ,Bone
  • Dr. A. N. Sontakke is a referee for ICMR research proposals.
  • Dr. A. N. Sontakke is Ph.D. guide and referee for MUHS , Shivaji and Bombay University
  • Dr. A. N. Sontakke received Vidya Ratan Award for excellence in chosen field of activity on the occasion of 36th National seminar on Individual Achievements of National Development from the economic for health and educational growth Dec. 2012 at New Delhi.

  • Ph.D awarded by MUHS, Nashik Dr. Geeta Bhatia April 2016 & Dr. Vivek Ambade - June 2016.


  • a. Sickle Cell Anemia: Biochemical and Molecular Diagnosis at MIMER Medical College, Talegaon (D) from 30th Jan 14 to 1st Feb 14
  • b. Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies MIMER Medical College, Talegaon (D) from 11th Feb to 13th Feb 14
  • c. Research Methodology Workshop at MIMER Medical College, Talegaon (D) from 19th Nov to 21th Nov 14
  • d. Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies MIMER Medical College, Talegaon (D) 6th to 9th Oct 2015
  • e. Research Methodology Workshop at MIMER Medical College, Talegaon (D) from 14th to 16th Oct 15

Papers Presented:

    Dr. S. A. Pratinidhi presented paper - Study of Serum ACP in children with malaria at AMBI - BIOCON 14, 1st State conference on Recent Advances in Clinical Biochemistry at MGM Medical College, Aurangabad 5th & 6th April 2014

Health camps conducted:

    Diabetes Screening Camp observed on Beat Diabetes Day 07.04.2016

UG & PG Academic Results:


    A. Teaching Learning Process

  • At UG level, special coaching for slow and advanced learners and mentorship programme for better performance of the students.
  • Conduction of Seminars at UG level and also introduction to Problem Based Learning (PBL).
  • At PG level, hands on experience in form of various practicals, seminars, Journal Club, case studies etc and advanced special techniques like molecular diagnostics, electrophoresis and chromatography etc.

    B. Patient Care
    The faculty is actively involved in patient care with constant effort to update the diagnostic panel by introducing recent markers for disease process.

    C. Research
    All staff members,teaching and non-teaching are motivated for research activity and sincere effort is made to submit research proposals to funding agencies.

    Proposed projects:

  • Prevalence of sickle cell disease in Maval region

    Co-curricular activities

  • The faculty is actively involved in co-curricular activities like organization of Conferences ,CMEs and guest lectures.
  • Active participation of the faculty in oral and poster presentations in various conferences.
  • PG Organization of Workshop on Sickle Cell Anaemia : Biochemical & Molecular Diagnosis.


  • UG 2nd Prize in Ist Maharashtra State Intercollegiate Biochemistry Quiz held at LTMMC, Sion, Mumbai.

    Extra-curricular activities

  • Total involvement of the faculty in the annual conventions and other cultural events arranged by the institute.
  • Faculty members judge and participate in various competitions arranged during the conventions.


    1. Teaching and learning process.
  • To implement the mode of problem based learning at 1st MBBS level. This will help the students to think and work independently.
  • For creating awareness, sensitization and CME of laboratory services, a six months certificate course in "Clinical Biochemistry’ is to be implemented.
  • To provide early detection of inherited disorders an advanced certificate course of 6 months duration in ‘Molecular diagnostics’ is planned.

    2. Health Care Service :
  • Molecular diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism e.g. Hemoglobinopathies - HbS, Thalassemias.
  • Setting up of Radioimmunoassay laboratory.