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Department of Dentistry

Dentistry deals with the prevention of all oral health problems, caries diseases in relation to the oral structures. Diagnosis of the oral diseases is carried out with the specific diagnostic tests.

Treatment & Management of dental caries/oral diseases by proper instrumentation in our daily O.P.D.

1. Well equipped, well organized department all standard facilities.


  • Consultation and Dental Radiographs
  • Extractions and minor surgical procedures
  • Restoration of teeth by silver filling/by GIC fillings.
  • Cosmetic tooth coloured composite filling.
  • Scaling of teeth by ultrasonic scaler.

  • Root cannel treatment.
  • Replacement of teeth by crown and bridge work of acrylic, metal and ceramic.
  • Replacement of teeth by removable prosthesis ( Denture Work & Removable Partial Dentures)
  • Diagnosis and Surgical management of maxillofacial fracture cases.
  • Oral precancerous early diagnosis & prompt treatment.
  • Oral cyst and tumor diagnosis & management.
  • Space infection of face & its management.

1. Includes all oral diseases, surgeries, treatment etc.


  • 1. A full day interactive Workshop on Professionalism, Bioethics and Human Values for all the Post graduate residents of MIMER Medical College was conducted on 22 June 2017 from 09:30 am to 3:30pm. The faculty consisted of Principal Dr RP Gupta, Prof Arun Jamkar, Director PG Studies and Research, Dr DSJ DSouza, Dr Vaishali Nayak, and Dr Sandhya Kularni. There were 37 participants overall with 32 in the morning session and 22 in the afternoon session. Overall the workshop was a great success.All the sessions conducted by the esteemed faculty were well received by the students with good interaction. The participants have expressed a very positive feedback and felt that they were greatly benefited by the workshop and will be able to carry back the values into their daily interaction with the patients and their colleagues.
  • 2. An Interactive workshop on 'Patient Centered Care' for the senior Post graduate residents was conducted by Dr DSJ DSouza on 31 Jul 2017 from 2pm to 3:30 pm. 17 final year post graduate students attended the workshop. The residents were given practical tips on the advantages of 'patient centered care' and the benefits that accrued to the residents themselves. They werealso given practical exercises to emphasize empathy and understanding of the limitations that patients face.
  • 3. A one day Bioethics Sensitization Programme for recently joined interns was conducted on 02 Aug by Dr DSJ DSouza from 09:30 am to 3:30 pm.The interns appreciatedthe interactive sessions and were committed to practicing ethically committed care of the patients entrusted to them.
  • 4. Three Faculty Enrichment Workshops entitled 'Oil for Your lamp' were conducted by Dr DSJ DSouza on 04 Aug, 11 Aug and 18 Aug 2017.In all 38 dedicated and enthusiastic faculty from all the departments of MIMER Medical College attended the workshops. The feedback of the participants has been that they all found it to be "different from all other workshops"; "Informative and innovative"; "Useful and applicable for a better workplace".The interaction between all the attendees had been wonderful and it was a memorable experience for all.
  • 5. Two dental camps were arranged on 1/08/2017 & 04/08/2017 in 'khadkala' and Alandi AOE (Academy of engineeing) respectively. In each of the above camps 35 patients were thouroughly checked, adviced & councelled for Dental awareness & treatment.

    Paper Publications:

  • Dr.SubhashJaptiwale-International Journal of Bioscience & Pharmacology in Oct 2015
  • Dr.Prakash Patil- Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry in Jan 2016
  • Dr.MonaliSonawane - International Journal of preventive & clinical dental research in April - June 2015
  • Dr.MonaliSonawane -International Journal of advanced health science.Vol. 2 Issue 6 - Oct-2015

    Health Camp Conducted in last one year

  • MIT School, Student Health Check up on 28.09.2015
  • MIT College of Engineering,Pune Health Check -up on 08.10.2015
  • Medical check up of First Year student of MITCOE on 14.10.15
  • Medical check up of First Year Student of MIT on 16.10.15
  • MACS College & MITSOM College Student Health Check up on 07.12.2015
  • R.H Vadgaon (maval) on 04.02.2016
  • Rural Health Centre Vadgaon (Kanhe) on 15.02.2016
  • Dental Checkup at R.H (Kanhe) on 12.03.2016
  • Dental Camp (Talegaon) at NathuBhegdeHighschool No.1 & 2
  • Dental Camp (Talegaon) at NathubhauBhegdeHighschool No.1 and 2 on 21/03/2016
  • General Health Camp-LonavlaRPI (Maval) on 11/04/2016
  • General Health Camp-ChandkhedAniketkambleYuvamanch on 18/04/2016
  • General Health Check-up for Senior Citizens at Khandala on 24/05/2016


    • To promote research work of Dentistry among staff & students.
    • Launch of online knowledge of this subject through Journals, website of institute.


    • Twenty two standard and reference books with our own library set up in Dept. of Dentistry since last two years.


    • Two establish a oral rehabilitation center for poor class.