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Department of Dermatology

Important basic clinical speciality.Considerable advances have taken place in the understanding of dermatological disorders and their treatment..

Course Content
Includes dermatology, Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Leprosy etc.


  • Daily OPD ,Indoor facility

  • Various specialty clinics- cosmetology, leprosy, contact dermatitis, pediatric dermatology, STD clinic, Psychodermatolgy clinic.

  • Epiderma machine

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Therapeutic procedures

1) Phototherapy

2) Electrocautery

3) Chemical Cautery

4) Cryotherapy

5) Radiofrequency

6) Microdermabrasion

7) Microneedling

8) Chemical peels

9) PRP

10) Vitiligo surgery

11) Lasers

12) Dermatosurgery

Current Projects

  1. Clinical and mycological study of dermatophytosis in Talegaon area.
  2. Study of cases of relapse Hansens.
  3. Study of cases of leprosy in Talegaon General Hospital.


  1. Active participation in various public health awareness programme
  2. Active leprosy referral centre working twice a week in collaboration with state government (ADHS)--- first of its kind in the state providing all required facilities to leprosy patients.
  3. organized a guest lecture by Dr.Dhanashree Bhide,(M.D. D.N.B.- Dermatologist, cosmetologist, hair restoration surgeon) and the topic was Topical Steroid abuse "A Menace" dated 7.7.2017

Academic activity conducted in the Department:

  1. Conducted 4th Annual Research conference on 23/08/2015 at MIMER Medical College,Talegaon (D), Pune
  2. Conducted Annual Research conference on 27/11/2014 at MIMER Medical College, Talegaon(D), Pune
  3. Conducted 2nd Annual Research conference on 03/08/2013 at MIMER Medical College,Talegaon (D),Pune

Awards, achievements received by the faculty: (Last 3 yrs):

1. Dr. SachiPuri won 2nd prize "Trinity conference" in Poster competition conducted at LTMC, Mumbai.

Paper Publications: (Last 3 yrs):

1. Paper presentedby Dr. Richa Chopra in World Congress of dermatology, Canada, on 8-13 June 15.

Events Celebrated by the Department:

Vitiligo day

Clinical Activities

  1. Non - invasive investigations - KOH mount, Z.N.stain, Gram stain, Tzanck smear, Wood’s lamp examination.
  2. Invasive investigations : Skin Biopsy, Slit skin smear, Nail biopsy.
  3. A number of minor procedures are carried out.
  4. Regular weekly visits to urban and rural health centers.

Future Plans

  1. To start a photo therapy unit
  2. Laser therapy
  3. Special OPD for vitiligo / psoriasis