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Department of Pharmacology

The broad goal of teaching pharmacology to the students is to inculcate in them a rational and scientific basis of therapeutics.

To train post-graduate students to cater to community relevant requirements of medical academics and pharmaceutical industries.

Course Content

List of Laboratories ( With Photos) :

1 .Experimental Pharmacology lab

2. Clinical Pharmacology lab

3. PG Research lab

Well equipped lab with apparatus for animal expts. & Pharmacy.

Facilities for carrying out clinical expts.

Research Lab: to carry out the research of PG students. :

Museum: The Department has a well organized and well maintained museum with 300 samples of drugs of different systems with 15 catalogues. :


Co-curricular activities: Conducted pharmacovigilance seminar for PG students and paramedical staff.

Conducted State level Undergraduate Quiz competitions in 2016 :

Conference / Work shop / Seminar Conducted & Organized: :

1 .ICH - GCP Guidelines Workshop on 16/08/2013

2. 6th Annual Research society conference on 07/12/17

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The areas in study of Pharmacology include -

  • General Pharmacology (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics)
  • Autonomic Pharmacology
  • Cardiovascular system including drugs affecting coagulation and those acting on kidneys.
  • Neuropsychiatric pharmacology including inflammation, pain & substance abuse.
  • Endocrinology
  • Chemotherapy including cancer chemotherapy.
  • Agents used in gastrointestinal disorders, RS.
  • Rational pharmocotherapy
  • Immunotherapy, Hematinics and miscellaneous topics

Awards and Special acheivements:

  • Won second prize in state level Undergraduate quiz 2016
  • Dr. NidhiMaheshwari - 2nd Prize for paper presentation at ABMH PHARMACON 2014
  • Dr. Manjeeta Gupta- 3rdPrice for poster presentation GERICON 2014

    Paper Publications::

  • A Study of potential drug- drug interactions among critically ill patients at a tertiary care hospital inIJBCP International journal of basic & clinical pharmacology June 2016; byManjeetaGupta , A.S. Chincholkar , R. J. Wagh , Nidhi Maheshwari , Waseem Siddiqui
  • Drug Utilization pattern in dental outpatient department of a rural tertiary care hospital inInt. J Pharm Bio Sci. 2015 Oct : 6(4) : (P) 723 -728 by Dr. A.S. Chincholkar , Dr. Japtiwale Subhash
  • A comparative study of efficacy of neem seed Oil, terbinafine cream and a combination of both Terbinafine cream and neem seed oil Applied topically in the treatment of clinical Dermatophytosis in World Journal Of Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Sciences Volume 4, Issue 10, 1263-1274. R Sep -2015 by BalaSharmin S*, Chincholkar Aparna, Wagh Ranjit, Mutalik Madhav, Siddiqui Waseem, Gupta Manjeeta.
  • Prescription pattern monitoring of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in urban health centre in Talegaon : A retrospective study in Int. J Pharm Bio Sci. 2015 April 6(2) : (P) 596-602 by Nidhi Maheshwari, Ranjit J. Wagh, Aparna Chincholkar& Manjeeta Gupta
  • A retrospective study of prescription pattern of antimicrobials in an urban health centre run by a medical collegein International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences- Vol 3 (No 1): Page 88-91 2013; by Bala Sharmin S, Chincholkar Aparna S, Wagh Ranjit J, Mutalik Madhav M
  • Effect of class Attendance on performance in Examination in second year medical students in IOSR Journal of Research &method in Education (IOSR-JRME) 2013 byDr. K. Chilwant
  • Knowledge and attitude of medical students, interns and post graduate medical students regarding HIV / AIDS in Indian journal of Basic and Applied Research Dec-2013, Vol-3 Issue-1 P. 267-277 by Ararwal AS, Maurya AA, Siddiqui WA


    • Postgraduate course
    • Departmental Library
    • Departmental Museum
    • Central animal House.
    • Pharmacy lab. to accommodate 60 students at a time
    • Clinical Pharmacology unit
    • Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory

    Future Plans 

    • To establish a Pharmacovigilance Centre.
    • Study of drug utilization at Dr. Bhausaheb Sardesai Rural Hospital.