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Department of Physiology

Physiology is the basic science that deals with the mechanisms of normal functions of various body systems. When body systems function normally a state of good health is maintained. Abnormal function may eventually lead to disease. Thus a good understanding of normal physiological processes is essential for recognizing abnormality and disease.

Department of Physiology

Course Content
Physiology is tought in the first year of MBBS course. The course includes lectures, lecture-demonstrations tutorial, clinical examination, animal experiment, seminars, group discussion, problem based learning, quiz and laboratory practicals. The topics tought are in accordance with the syllabus laid down by the MUHS. Evaluation includes internal assessment and a final avaluation at the first MBBS examination.

CME, Conference, workshop/ seminar and academic activities conducted (Last three years)
Conducted 4th annual research society conference "Women - The centre of Health" along with OBGY department on 24th November 2015.

'CME - Respiration -A Comprehensive Approach ,Department of Anatomy & Physiology organized one day CME on Respiration A Comprehensive Approach on 22nd June 2018. CME was accredited by MMC.

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List of recent publications by the department

  • An Assessment of Muscular Strength, Endurance and Power in Handball Players National journal of medical sciences, Vol. 2, Issue:1, January 2013; Page no. 41-46- Dr. Bondade
  • Effect of Sudarshan kriya Yoga on Lipid Profile; International Journal of Current Research & Review Page no. 49-55, Vol. - 5; issue-19 , October 2013 - Dr. Bondade
  • New Hypothesis for mechanism of sliding filament theory of skeletal muscle contraction National journal of Physiology Pharmacy & Pharmacology (NJPPP) /2015/Vol. 5/Issue 1(online first) - Dr. Bondade
  • Effect of Load carriage on Pulmonary Mechanics in School Children. International Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences ISSN: 2277-2103 volume -3(2) May-August 2013, page no. 16-21. - Dr. Agrawal
  • Does parent educational status matters the students achievement in pre-medical entrance exam? e-ISSN: 2320-7388, P-ISSN: 2320-737X volume- 3, Issue- 3 (Sep.-Oct. 2013), page no. 28-30 -Dr. Agrawal
  • Gender difference in motivational factors towards medical career choice. IOSR Journal of Research and methods in Education (IOSR-JRME), vol. 5; Issue -4; Ver. III, (Jul-Aug)2015, Page no. 53-56 - Dr. Agrawal
  • Deleterious effect of petrol fumes on Erythrocytes. International Journal of Health science and Research, vol. 5; Issue-9; September 2015, Page no. 237-238 - Dr. Nair
  • Comparative study of Anthropometric measurements & lipid profile in cardiovascular disease risk factors. JEBMH, Vol.2, Issue-36, Sept. 2015, page no. 5630-5639 - Dr. Baburdikar
  • Toxic effect of petrol fumes on white blood corpuscles. Annals of Applied Bioscience , Vol. 2; Issue -3; 2015, page no. 56-59 - Mrs. Bedekar
  • Does the long term exposure to petrol fumes affect platelet count? A study in petrol pump attendants. International Journal of Current research, Vol. 7, Issue-9; Sept. 2015, page no. 20140-20142 - Mrs. Bedekar

    UG and PG results in the college (Last three years) :

    1st MBBS result Year Percentage Distinctions

    2014-2015 91 % 03

    2013-2014 91 % 10

    2012-2013 86 % 07



    • The departmental library has a number of text books and reference books for staff as well as students.

    Departmental Library

  • Laboratories

    • Hematology lab.

      Hematology lab.

    • Human Physiology/clinical lab
    • Amphibian lab

    • Amphibian lab.

    • Mammalian lab
    • Clinical lab

    • Clinical lab.

    • Research lab


    Current Projects

    1. Effect of Moderate exercise training in mild hypertensive patients Dr. A.K. Bondade & Dr. Anil Waghmare.
    2. Difference in motivation in girls & boys those who are pursuing medical career Dr. Mrs. M. J. Agrawal

    Future Plans
    The department hops to begin a sports Physiology Laboratory soon.