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Department of Psychiatry

Over the past half century, focus of mental health care has changed from institutionalizations to psychiatry treatment in the community. As result, general hospital psychiatry units as those in medical colleges have become important. Department of Psychitary in this college caters for the semi urban area of Talegaon Dabhade and the adjacent rural areas which are in genuine need for Psychiatric services.

Course Content
A) UG : it includes study of diagnosis and treatment of common psychiatric disorders, psychiatric emergencies and complications etc. Therotical aspects are tought in thired year of MBBS course and are covered in the form of class room lectures and practcal aspects are covered during clinical posting in second year of MBBS course.

Clinical Activity

In addition to regular OPD following facilities are available.

  1. Electro convulsive therapy
  2. De addiction and counselling for various substance dependence
  3. Personality assessment and neuropsychological testing.

Special Activity

  1. Psychiatric treatment and guidance for students from school for mentally retarded , handicapped as well as orphan children.
  2. Research study of Anxiety and perceived social supports in out patients of various departments.
  3. Relaxation training
  4. Family , Marital , parental counselling and guidance.

Department Activity

Future Plans

  1. To form patientsí and relatives self support groups and conduct psychotherapy
  2. Special OPD for children in need of special care including neurological consultation
  3. To encourage teachers' active particepation in managing the students mental health and wellfare

Forming Teachers
Students Support Groups