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Department of Surgery

The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in Surgery is to produce graduates capable of delivering efficient first contact surgical care

Course Content
Includes general surgery, Paediatrics surgery, Vascular surgery, endocrine surgery, neurosurgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery, cardiothorasic surgery, Tropical surgery etc.

Workshop organized:
Endoscopy workshop (Oct. - Nov. 2015) at dept. library for post graduate students of Surgery & Medicine Dept.

Awards and acheivements:

  • Dr. Rohan Patil (PG Student)- First Prize for paper presentation at GERICON 2015 state level GERIATRIC conference which was conducted at lonawla Title - GERD in Geriatrics
  • Dr. Sandesh Gawade (Assit. Prof) First Price for poster presentation at annual research conference 2015 at MIMER Medical college, Talegaon Dabhade. Title: Loa Loa - A rare case report

    Health camps conducted in last one year

  • 23 /5/2016 to 26/5/2016 - Piles /Fissure / Fistula /Chronic constipation
  • 6/6/2016 - Hepatitis
  • 10/6/2016 - 11/6/2016 - Endoscopy
  • 4/7/2016 to 9/7/2016 - Hernia/hydrocele/ Thyroid /cholelithiasis/ soft tissue swelling
  • 12/7/2016 - Plastic Surgery

    Other information - :

  • Started doing ERCP procedure from February 2016
  • Started doing diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopic & colonoscopy procedures from 2015.
  • Started Neuro surgery & pediatric surgeries since 2015.
  • Famous Minimal Access Onco-Surgeon Dr. Puntambekar performed laparoscopic esophego gastrectomy in May 2016.
  • Dr. Kalpesh Patil (Peadiatric Surgeon) performed

    1) A unusual presentation of pyometra&pyocolpos in 5 months female child. 2) Laparscopic spinal niddle assisted repair of hernia 4th case in pune on 4 year old female child.

    Paper Publications: - :

  • Spontaneous Rupture of Urinary Bladder in the Puerperium. The Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology of India. Mar/ Apr 2011. Dr. TusharKhachane,Dr. Kanitkar Massive Gastrointestinal Stromal tumour of Stomach mimicking a uterine leiomyoma. Medical Journal of Dr. D.Y.Patil University Jan- Jun 2010 DrKeyurGutte
  • Park Weber syndrome. 7th publication in Indian journal of Surgery Thyroid MNG unusual case presentation. International journals of Research Medical Sciences Jan 2015. Dr. R. N Bharadwaj
  • Thyroid MNG unusual case presentation. International journals of Research Medical Sciences Jan 2015. Dr. R. N. Bharadwaj
  • Chondosarcoma- Is An Association Possible With Breast? : A Case Report National Journal of Medical Sciences. January 2015. Dr. Sandesh Gawade, Dr. SachinNaik
  • Clinical Evaluation and role of USG in patients of acute appendicitis in rural Hospital. Journal of Evaluation of Medical and Dental Sciences. Dec 2014. Dr. Sandesh Gawade, Dr. SachinNaik
  • A Clinical incidence of wound infection in clean & potentially contaminated surgical procedures after use of only povidone iodine(5%). International Journal of Scientific Research. July 2015. Dr. SachinNaik, Dr. Sandesh Gawade
  • Giant syringoma- a rare case Journal of Evaluation of Medical and Dental Sciences Dec. 2015. Dr. Sandesh Gawade
  • Role of cholescintigraphy in management of acute acalculow cholecystitis P. Indian J Nucl Med. 2012Oct;27 (4):231-6 Oct. 2012. Dr. Pankaj Nemade
  • An unusually large foreign body in esophagus in a 2 years old male child. Journal of oto-laryngology & Head & Neck Surgery;2015;4;259-264. 2015. Dr. Kalpesh Kapil.
  • Study of intestinal obstruction in medical college International Journal 2012. Dr. ShashikantBhange
  • Pediatric PCNL using conventional instrument in rural medical college. International Journal 2012. Dr. Shashikant Bhange
  • Left sided perforated appendicitis in adult with malrotated gut. Pak J Surg 2012;28(3):239-240. 2012. Dr. R.N Bharadwaj
  • Varicose Veins Clinical presentation and surgical management. Ind JSurg 2009 June 71 (3): 117-120. 2009Dr. R.N Bharadwaj
  • Giant Retroperitoneal Lipomna presenting as Inguinal Hernia. Indian J Surg 2011 Jun; 73 (3):187-9 22654328 2011Dr. R.N Bharadwaj
  • Solid-cystic Papillary tumor of the Pancreas The Sri Lanka journal of Surgery 2012; 30(2);28-29 2012. Dr. R.N Bharadwaj Castlemanís Disease - A rare Diagnosis in the Retroperitoneum.(2011) Indian Journal Of Surgery,1-3. 2011. Dr. R.N Bharadwaj
  • Paraspinal Hydatid Cyst: A case report. The Sri Lanka journal of Surgery. Dr. R.N Bharadwaj
  • Multinodular goiter : an unusual Presentation. International journal of research in Medical sciences Jan 2015 (3):354-356. Dr. R.N Bharadwaj
  • Parker Weber Syndrome involving right lower limb: A case report Asso of Surgeons of India 2014. Dr. R.N Bharadwaj
  • Malakoplakia of Colon. The Sri Lanka journal of surgery 2014; 32(3):38-39. Dr. R.N Bharadwaj
  • Evaluation of Possum Score As Predictor of MorbidityAnd Mortality in Gastrointestinal Surgeries. Indian Journal of Reasearch ,Peripex. 2016. Dr. Sachin Naik, Dr. Sandesh Gawade Dr. Pankaj Nemade
  • Awareness of Infectious Occupational Health Risks and the Compliance of Recommended Vaccines Amongst the Medical Interns At Rural Hospital - A Pilot Study International Journal of Reasearch, 2016. Dr. Sachin Naik, Dr Rohan Patil
  • Hepato protective effect of eclipta alba and P.Fraturenus in animal model, Paripex Indian Journal of Research - May 2016-Dr. Tushar Khachane
  • Pattern of Gastric Cancer at Tertiary Rural Hospital in central India - 10 year Retrospective study,Paripex Indian Journal of Research -Sept. 2016 -Tushar Khachane
  • Migrating lump in abdomen - Ileo Colo-Colic intussusceptions Up to the Rectum with Hypermobile caecum and ascending colon - Open Journal of Pediatrics Rectum with Hypermobile caecum and ascending colon - March 2017- Dr. Kalpesh Patil,Dr. Tushar Khachane

    Facilities: Library
    The departmental library is equipped with 174 books which includes text books and reference books.

    Special Activities

    1. Minimally invasive surgery has been introduced in the Dept. of Surgery.Laparoscopeic procedures are performed successfully on a routine basis now, the commonest of them being laparoscopeic cholecystectomy and laparoscopic appendectomy.Similarly endoscopes procedures diagnostic as well as therapeutic have been started.Sclerotherapy of esophageal varices, variceal banding, esophageal dilatation for achalasia are some of the procedures which have been introduced now.

    2. Patient needing chemotherapy can be offered the same in the department of surgery. Many patients have been successfully treated with chemotherapy now.

    3. The professional post graduate activities are conducted on a regular basis and include case presentations seminars and professional discussion.