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Department of TB & Chest

The subject deals with common chest diseases and their clinical manifestations, modes of therapy in respiratory diseases and management of National tuberculosis Control programme.

Course Content
Includes common Chest diseases & their Clinical manifestations, various modes of therapy in respiratory diseases, mode of action of commonly used drugs, mode of management inclusive of National Tuberculosis Control Programme.

  1. M.B.B.S. study includes
  2. -Clinical posting: 4th semester
  3. -Lectures: 6th semester-
  4. 9 lectures on NonTB Respiratory Diseases,
  5. 8 lectures on Tuberculosis with RNTCP


  • There are beds for undergraduate teaching activities Pulmonary Function Test
  • Department is running Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program- DOTs Center for Tuberculosis.
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic procedures done are-
  • Pleural Tapping,
  • Pleural Biopsy
  • -Chest Tube Insertion (under water seal drainage)
  • -Lung Fine Needle Aspiration
  • -CT guided true-cut biopsy of lung
  • -Pulmonary Function Test
  • -Flexible Fibroptic Bronchoscopy
  • -Sleep Apnea Lab



    Procedure being performed in ward:


    Spirometry : Done for diagnostic & follow up in patients of Bronchial asthma, COPD, Interstitial Lung Diseases

    Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscope: Diagnostic for lung cytology, endobronchial biopsy etc.

    Sleep Apnea Study: Done in Obese, snorer patients to diagnose sleep apnea syndrome.

    Specialty clinic:

    Asthma & COPD

    Future Obesity & Sleep Apnea

    RNTCP Sensitization workshop are conducted

    1. For Faculty & Residents
    2. For Paramedical staff
    3. For Interns- in every Internship Orientation Program ( every six months).
    4. For Residents

    Public awareness programme

    1. World TB Day Celebration (24th March) every year in association with DTC.
    2. World AIDS Day Celebration (1st December) every year in association with PSM Department
    3. World COPD Day Celebration
    4. Active Participation in various Public Health Awareness Programmes.


    1. Dots Center Started In 2003.
    2. Core Committee Meets Quarterly.
    3. Designated Microscopy Center.
    4. MO, LT, TBHV Provided By DTC.
    5. Sensitization Of Faculty, Residents, Interns, Paramedical Staff.
    6. Backed Up By IRL(Intermediate reference laboratory) Aundh For PMDT Services.

    Special Activity

    1. Recognised centers for DOTs
    2. Bronchoscopy Centers
    3. PFT
    4. HIV Care

    Conferences organized

    Participated in organization of the 4th Annual Research Conference at MIMER Medical College in Sep 2015


    Hands on training in bronchoscopy done at TATA Cancer hospital, Parel, Mumbai. [ Done by Dr. Deepali Gaikwad]

    Health Camps conducted:

  • Camps on Asthma and PFT
  • World TB Day was observed at the institution.



    Ongoing project

    Treatment outcome in patients of Lymph node TB

    Future Plans

    1. To get recognition for VCTS Centers