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MAEER's Physiotherapy College (MPC) is founded in 2006 on the premises of MIMER Medical College and Dr.Bhausaheb Sardesai Rural Hospital, Talegaon Dabhade. MPC started their Master of Physiotherapy from the year 2011. Masters is started in following subjects:
Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal sciences
Physiotherapy in Neuro Sciences
Physiotherapy in Community Medical Sciences.
MPC is affiliated to MUHS, Nashik for both B.P.Th & M.P.Th courses.



MPC with its state of art equipments and efficient staff assures you quality education in physiotherapy. As we stand on the global front in 21st century, we witness how physiotherapy-physical therapy is emerging as a better option in non invasive treatment.


Physiotherapy is a comprehensive assessment and rehabilitation programme aimed at providing professional health care for prevention or alleviation of movement dysfunction.

It plays a crucial role in vital fields, such as orthopedics, manipulative and mobilization therapy, sports medicine, general medicine, ICU, cardio-respiratory disorders, neurology, gynecology, community based rehabilitation etc. in all age groups.

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Shikshan Shulk Samiti(Click for details)

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