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Lecture Theaters


No. of Lecture Theaters College Hospital


04 01


Gallery Level

�Seating Capacity

3-180 Capacity
1-250 Capacity
200 Capacity

Audiovisual aids available in each Lecture Theaters

Yes Yes




Well equipped 6 of 225 sq.mtr. and 2 of 90 sq. mtr. Laboratories are available in the institute




Skill Lab

Well-equipped skill lab is available


Central Library

Well-furnished Library with latest edition of prescribed textbook as well as reference books.

It has a specious reading area separately for undergraduate students, post graduate students And teaching staff. Well trained staff of the library assists maintain its smooth working.

The reading room facility available 24*7 to the beneficiaries.

The college regularly subscribes Indian and Foreign Journals. The main features of the Library are:

  • Specified hours facility
  • Over 13588 titles of latest medical books
  • Regular subscription of Indian and Foreign Journals
  • Spacious floor area with separate reading rooms
  • We subscribe total of 134 journals Foreign 71 and Indian 63
  • MUHS Digital Library access is available. E-library facility is also available.

Information Communication Technology & Digital Library
The institution has ICT facility, There are around 200 computers in the various department and sections connected by LAN. There is central N-computing facility in the Digital Library. Total 40 computes and centralized printers are connected in the Lab. Students and the staff can browse the internet, all users are controlled by the Firewall. Network Administrator manages this firewall/server. He is responsible for managing PCs and assigning the privileges and policies to every desktop.

Internet Facility
A digital lab with full Internet facility with latest computer systems is available for students as well as staff members. Here the users can access medical literature published in different journals/periodical and other sources.

Digital Library

College has LCD Projectors, Scanners & Digital Camera. The faculty makes extensive use of computers and the above mentioned aids in the preparation of teaching material. Most of the teachers prepare Power Point Presentations on various topics / concepts and use them as teaching tool. Sometimes Internet aided teaching is also practiced by the faculty of the college. We have CDs/DVDs related to the different subjects of medical sciences in the department libraries. These are shown to the students whenever required. The College has its own website www.mitmimer.com , News and events, staff, alumni, Research Projects, Publications, are uploaded on the website regularly. The campus is well equipped with internet, Wi-Fi, V-Sat based telemedicine departments and e-library, making the teaching system quite flexible. The latest techniques and methods of teaching are used and practiced by MIMER Medical College, Talegaon Dabhade so as to enable the students to learn and understand to the best possible extent. The teaching learning process is made more effective by using information and communication technology (ICT). The teaching faculty of MIMER Medical College is very particular in conducting the interactive teaching-learning sessions through classroom teaching, tutorials, practicals, demonstrations and clinics.



Computer Lab

Air-conditioned computer room with Medlar and Internet facility with 40 nodes are available.





Total No. of rooms & seats

Particulars Girls/Boys No. of Rooms Total Capacity
Undergraduate i)Boys 94 Rooms 282
ii) Girls 95 Rooms 285
Post Graduate/
i) Boys 21 Rooms 63
ii) Girls 21 Rooms 51
i) Boys 17 Rooms 51
ii) Girls 17 Rooms 51

Mess Mess facility is available in Girls and Boys hostels
Cafeteria, : Cafeteria is available in the campus
Recreation Facilities:Indoor & Outdoor Games are available in Girls and Boys Hostels
Medical Facilities : Medical facility is available for student and staff


Residential Quarters: Residential Quarters are available for
Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff






Blood Bank
Name of BTO : Dr. Vijaykumar Powar (M.D.Pathology) , Name of Incharge : Dr. Gauri Metkar (M.D.Pathology) Asso. Professor:Pathology

Blood component separation unit is started in December 2012 and since then blood collection and issue has increased substantially. Along with Whole blood, PCV, FFP, Platelets & Cryoprecipitate are available in this Blood Bank.

Component Storage

Blood Donation Camp

Component Lab Equipments

Each department has well displayed museum with large number of specimens, models and charts used for the purpose of teaching. The specimens and charts are updated from time to time to include latest development in the field of medicine.

Museum with models, specimens, charts and wet specimens